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   Our History:

Conceptualized by Mrs. Eileen Ingram in 1948, the Tao Clinic specialized in electrolysis and eventually grew to 53 clinics in England with an international reputation. The name "Tao" means the Right Path in Mandarin. As Mrs. Ingram had been fascinated with the Orient, she believed that her clients were choosing their Right Path with electrolysis permanent hair removal.

In 1960, Tao Clinic opened its doors in downtown Toronto, bringing their trained and certified electrologists all the way from London, England to staff their first clinic in Yorkville. Tao Clinic electrologists are put through a full-time intensive training program in England focusing on hands-on training and skill development, theory and practical studies. Theory and practical studies involved learning about and identifying hormonal situations, causes of unwanted hair, skin and hair types, and client services.

   Our Owner: Manju Gheewala

As one of the trained electrologists in London, Manju was offered the opportunity to move to Toronto in 1977 to work at the Tao Clinic in their downtown Toronto location. Working under an inspiring manageress, Marion Leib, Manju bought the downtown Tao Clinic in 1989, continuing to offer clients a private, clean and personal atmosphere.

Manju has a true passion for electrolysis, believing it is the best and safest way to permanent hair removal. Her experience has led her to choose the Thermolysis method, using a Zeiss microscope for accuracy, which also allows

for finger tip control on the probe, reducing the chance for scarring. Although fully trained and skilled, Manju believes in continuing education and takes courses relevant for safe and permanent hair removal.

At Tao Clinic, we also offer waxing, but we are specialists in electrolysis — the only 100% permanent hair removal. We provide service and counselling from free consultation all the way through final stages of the hair removal treatment.

Tao Clinic
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