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I found Manju through Google as I was searching for certified electrolysis. I had been doing electrolysis for years on the same area. One day it just occurred to me that this process which I was doing should not take that long. It was not a big area. It was my upper lip and chin. I thought to my self I'm getting cheated, it should not take four years to do such a small area.

So I started looking online as I still had dark hairs coming in every four weeks after four years. I found Manju online. I contacted her, she was able to see me when it was convenient for me. Upon meeting her, I was in awe how professional she was, how pleasant and kind she was. I immediately knew she was certified in the manner in which she presented herself and explained how she would go about the process, showing me as she put in new needle, and put on gloves. My other place I used to go, never put on gloves nor did they use new needle every time my needle was saved under my name and used every time. Now that I look back at it I had signs.

But anyway, my first session with Manju was so much more pleasant, the pain was very minimal, I hardly used numbing cream. I went home a happy camper. After four weeks, I was expecting some new hair growths, I was expecting to see some dark hair, there was none. I went back after few weeks not because i needed to but because I wanted to. then the next time I went back was after six month. I was beyond amazed, beyond happy at the result in such a short amount of time. I could not believe it has been six month since my last electrolysis. I had never been without electrolysis for longer then four or five weeks the most.

I would totally recommend this place to anyone who is serious about permanent hair removal to go and see Manju. Not only does her work show for it self but she herself is so very lovely..

– Saba M.

A friend referred me to Manju 3 years ago after I had a horrible experience with laser hair removal. Since then, Manju has tackled unwanted hair on several areas of my body. Manju's decades of experience are evident the moment you meet her, as she is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. However, what I appreciate most about Manju is her honesty and thoroughness, which are extremely hard to come by in this industry. She takes great pride in her work. It is without reservation that I have recommended Manju to friends and family. Electrolysis at Tao Clinic continues to be worth every minute and penny I have spent.

– Alainna J.

I have been visiting Manju's clinic for the past two years to get treatments done on my face. I had coarse black hair with lots of ingrowns that left a grey shadow showing through my fair toned skin. Before getting electrolysis, I had tried many different techniques like waxing, laser, threading and plucking.

When I first came to Manju, I was apprehensive about what I could expect but I can say that now, after two years of getting electrolysis sessions, I barely get any hair growth on my chin and sideburns. Manju was also helpful in squeezing out ingrowns which had been dormant for years. I cannot thank her enough and I would recommend this treatment for anyone who has struggled with excessive hair growth and has tried everything.

– Aida E.

I was referred to Tao Clinic by my daughter. I had had coarse black hairs on my chin for the past 30 years. I used to have to pluck them every week to have a presentable look. I've been getting the electrolysis sessions for a year and I only go for touch ups every six weeks now. After having tried everything, I would definitely recommend this to any woman who is tired of excess facial hair and wants a change.

– Maha A.

I hated waxing my legs - they only looked nice for about a week, then I got embarrassing ingrowns and dots. It was a pain having to time trips to the beach and outings in skirts with waxing appointments. I heard about electrolysis while on vacation in my hometown from a friend who had smooth, hairless legs and arms and was always in skirts.

I did a lot of research on electrolysis and decided I wanted to work with a practioner with many years of experience who used a microscope. Google led me to Manju and now, a couple of years later, I can put on a skirt or swimsuit whenever I want to, and hair on my legs, arms and face is just not something I ever need to think about, and I know it will never come back - unlike with laser. It's been very liberating.

I always recommend Manju to friends and acquaintances who are interested in electrolysis. Manju is professional, accurate, efficient and also a lot of fun to talk to.

– N. Azer

I had tried several electrolysis places until I found the Tao Clinic and Manju. I found an immediate improvement with the Thermolysis method (compared to the Blend method) and use of the microscope. I found the clinic clean and friendly. I feel with Manju, I get that extra care and concern for my sensitive skin and yet coarse hair.

– J. Moore

I try to think back to how I found the Tao Clinic, but the only thing that is clear is that it was the luckiest day of my life.

I had a very difficult time with unwanted hair and had been battling it for years. This was due to both a hormonal problem and genetics. I had spent over 10 years in the pursuit of a "cure".

I would dutifully attend my electrolysis appointment on a weekly basis. Lay there and go through, sometimes, up to 2 hours of what I thought was a "treatment". The hairs kept coming back and even more, with the skin getting damaged. What I thought was treatment was in fact the opposite and eventually caused scarring.

I did not want to give up, but it seemed as if I would spend my life trying to rid myself of this problem, all the while taking up more time and money than I care to think about. I thought I was taking all the right steps, but I was wrong. Some technicians were not performing an effective electrolysis treatment.

After years of disappointment and disillusionment I found my way to Manju and the Tao Clinic. Fortunately Manju was a professional with dedication and integrity. She completed a free analysis to ensure that she could help. I began to take treatments from her and over a short period of time I started to see results. I reduced my visits to once a month and now just require the occasional "touch-up," 1-2 times a year!

I can't believe how much my life has changed. Before the freedom I was a slave to the weekly treatment. This meant not going on a vacation longer than 6 days. The day before, I felt awful until I could get rid of the hair. When I "do the math," it means that I would only have 2 to 3 days a week, when my unwanted hair would not be an obsession. It's no way to live. Now I can focus on so much more. Not feeling like I have to hide myself away for days at a time.

Due to these changes I have the money to maintain a house, confidence to advance my career and belief in myself. All of this has allowed me to improve my life, not just on a cosmetic level, but a true life change.

– Karen M.

My need to seek out electrolysis arose from the fact that I was growing dark hairs on my chin due to hormonal changes as I aged. I found Manju Gheewala to be a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional who takes pride in her work. Her kind and caring manner put me at ease as did her willingness to answer any questions or explain her work. My face is now hair and scar free.

– Katherine A.

I have been going to Manju for about 5 years now.

When I first went to her, I had a horrendous beard and moustache; I called it my Yassar Arafat look. Having spent years shaving twice a day and being embarrassed constantly.

Now I have no moustache whatsoever and very little elsewhere.

But the most important thing I could say about Manju is – I'm a wimp when it comes to pain and she has always been so very sweet, kind and understanding - always making me feel hopeful.

I cannot thank Manju enough for her thoroughness and kindness.

She has given me back my dignity and sense of femininity.

After trying almost all forms of hair removal, including laser, the best investment in time and money was in electrolysis with Manju at the Tao Clinic. Even my 13 year old son received her impeccable service and looks fantastic, self confidence much improved. Now we don't have to worry about dealing with unwanted hair in treated areas in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend the Tao Clinic.

I have tried many forms of hair removal by a number of service providers but I have never felt as comfortable or as well taken care of as at the TAO Clinic. It was worth every penny.

The gold standard in hair removal is electrolysis. The gold standard in service is the TAO Clinic.

– Jill MacDonald