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   Electrolysis Treatments:

What is electrolysis?

There are three types:

Galvanic: An older and slower method of electrolysis, it uses a direct current which creates lye with body fluid and salt to conduct electricity to destroy the hair follicle.

Thermolysis: A faster and more accurate method using high frequency (short wave) electricity. Heat is created in the hair follicle to desiccate the hair.

Blend: A more popular and easier method using a combination of both direct and high frequency electricity to destroy the hair follicle.

Although all three methods are effective, at Tao Clinic, we use the Thermolysis method with a Zeiss microscope as we believe this leads to greater safety, more accuracy and faster results. It won't interfere with any body fluids and is therefore also safe during pregnancy.

Depending on your skin and hair type, a Ballet Insulated sterile needle is inserted directly into the hair follicle, without breaking your skin, and a tiny current is released. The needle is withdrawn and the hair is slid out. Inserting accurately is most important as it is the error of insertion in the hair follicle that leads to scarring. The life cycle of hair can vary according to the individual. Each treated area takes approximately two years to permanently remove unwanted hair. Treatments are, however, 100% successful upon completion. For more information, please go to: WWW.ELECTROLYSIS.CA.

Treatments vary because they are dependant on your skin and hair type. For men and woman with darker skin, special care is given as darker skin tends to mark more easily. If you currently have a hormonal problem, electrolysis will still be successful as long as there is medical supervision.

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